Yolanda Holder, Power Walking (Speed Walking). Image: New York Times
Yolanda Holder, Power Walking (Speed Walking). Image: New York Times

Speed Walking has several fast walking techniques, including Power Walking, Fit Walking, Beach Walking.

The origin of Power Walking is in the Pedestrianism (19th century) and the Ancient Race Walking (1908-1956).

Walkers of 19th century walking technique and Ancient Race Walking technique were similar to Power Walking.

Power Walking respects the Rule of Ancient Race Walking.

Power Walking was born in 90's of 20th century.

In 1999, Berlin Marathon included Power Walking division. In recent years there have also been Power Walking competitions.

There are currently World Records of Power Walking in 10 km, Half Marathon, 30 km, Marathon and Multiday distances.


-The walker must walk straight.

-The walker must walk doing an alternating movement of feet and arms.

-The walker must walk with one foot in permanent contact with the ground.

-The leading leg must be bent.

-Each advancing foot strike must be heel to toe at all times.

-The walker can not walk doing an exaggerated swivel to the hip.

-The arms spread completely from the elbows and these move back. (1)


-The walker must bend his front arm and reach out the other arm.

(1) This rule is not usual in Championships and Competitions Rules.